So Many Goals

I have so many goals that I have recently set for myself. One of them is to lose enough weight to get to my ultimate goal weight of 120 pounds. I am so proud of myself I have lost a total of about 3 pounds so far! I now weigh about 163 pounds. I now have only 43 more pounds to go. If I can lose about 1 pound a week I should reach my goal by the start of November of this year.

If I can really step up my game and can lose about 2 pounds per week then I might be able to get to my ultimate goal weight by sometime in September. Another goal that I have for myself is to get my place and my car cleaned. I figure I could get both done and even have everything organized in my apartment within maybe 10-20 hours at the most.

Another goal of mine is to get in the habit of blogging as much as I possibly can each day. I have several rewards for myself once I start working on taking the steps to reaching those goals. My first reward for myself is going to be a PMD microdermabrasion device. It would be great to have because then I can use it on my face and have better skin, use it on my scars and stretch marks and even hopefully use it to help fade or get rid of my one tattoo on my arm that I want to have removed.

Another reward after that one I have is this at home laser hair removal device. If it works as well as people says it does then I should be able to save a ton that I would have eventually spent getting the hair removed at a salon. It would be nice to reduce or even eliminate having to shave.

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