Setting Some Goals

I am setting some goals that I am trying to reach. These goals involve working out, blogging, and cleaning. My reward for completing these goals will be getting the PMD microdermabrasion device. I need about $99 more dollars to be able to get it.

I have decided that once I complete an hour of either working out, blogging, or cleaning I will reward myself with a dollar. For each hour after that I will increase the reward by $1, so the next hour I will get the one dollar for the previous hour plus $2 for the next hour and so on and so fourth until I reward myself with $10 for one hour. Then the next hour I will start decreasing the reward by $1.

I figured out that it would take me a total of 18 hours of doing a combination of cleaning, working out and blogging to reach $99 and to be able to order my microdermabrasion device. Now I could probably do it in a single day if I didn’t do much else and even lost sleep.

If I didn’t have to work I could reach my goal in a couple days. I figure more then likely it will take me somewhere between 4 days to about a week and no longer then 2 weeks to reach my goal. Right now this is my first hour working on my goal.

I am going to try blogging for about an hour straight to get that much closer to my goal. I have so much cleaning, blogging and working out to do so it won’t be hard to fill those hours up. I hurt my foot so I might not do much working out today but focus more on blogging and maybe a little bit of cleaning today as well if I am feeling up to it.


3 thoughts on “Setting Some Goals

  1. same as me always have a goal list

    • I just started & I am really focusing on them now. What do you do to reach your goals?

  2. Setting goals is a good idea. This year I have trippled my income. And I have saved a lot. Keep your head high you can make it.

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