Foot Injury

The other day I injured my foot. I was trying to jog a total of a little over an hour and the top of my foot is now sore and bruised and a little swollen. It is my tendions on top of my foot. It is either from working out too much too fast and or from lacing my shoe laces too tight.

Either or both are possible. I really think that I may have tried working out too intense too fast. I went from not working out at all for several months aside from just working at work and maybe doing minimal cleaning and other daily tasks. To working out for 45 minutes one day. I mostly just did a fast walk the first day.

And then the next day I jogged with some walking for a little over an hour. I guess I have to build my muscles up to such intense workouts and maybe even get some new running shoes and be careful when tying the laces. It is a bummer because if I walk on it much it starts to swell and hurt.

If I rest it then it isn’t too bad and I can even stretch it a bit. So that means more then likely it won’t be such a good idea to go walking on the treadmill. Or even do any type of workout that involves my feet which is pretty much most work outs. I might be able to walk around my place and try to clean a little to burn some extra calories.

Right now I guess my best bet is to focus on blogging and my online work and try to stay off my foot as much as possible. Especially since I work tomorrow and the next day and will be on it for several hours. So the less I have to be on it the faster it will hopefully heal.


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