Losing Some Weight

I currently weigh a little under 174 pounds. The highest that I have ever weighed. I have been trying to watch what I eat and burn some calories each day by using the fitbit app on my iphone. I started last Wed so I am a couple days short of one week.

At the current rate I am going I should lose about a pound a week. That means that if I work out a little or even do a lot of work each day I can consume about 1200-1600 calories each day and still lose about a pound per week. That means that I should be at my goal weight of 120 pounds in about a years time from now.

I figure that since I am just starting I am going to be going somewhat slow. If I can throw in a 30-45 min workout most days I could probably eat about the same and end up losing about a pound and a half per week. That wouldn’t be too hard and I am sure that I could easily do that. At that rate I should be at my ultimate goal weight by around Feb of next year which isn’t too bad.

If I work out a bit more maybe an hour to an hour and a half maybe more each day and eat maybe a little under 1200 calories then I should be able to lose about 2 pounds per week. That would be harder and would take me a little time to work up to it but I think in time I can manage that.

Then I would be able to reach my ultimate goal weight by the start of December of this year. It may not be easy but I really like the thought of reaching my goal weight by sometime this year instead of some time next year.


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