Feeling Sore

I am feeling sore, like really sore. My legs and my feet ache so bad. But that only means that I am getting stronger. I jogged for a little over an hour at the gym today. Between walking around at work and home and jogging today I have gone almost 5 miles today alone! I am so proud of myself for having such good progress.

I am really stepping up my game. I did well with eating my calories and I have almost burned enough and eat healthy enough to lose about a pound and a half if every day was like today each week. I currently weigh about 166 pounds. My ultimate goal weight is to be at 120 pounds. That would probably be a perfect weight for me.

At 135 pounds it isn’t bad for me so even when I get that low I will be feeling so much better then I am now! According to the fitbit app it will take me until April of next year to reach my ultimate goal. I will be losing about 1 pound per week. So that means by January of next year I will be at a decent weight and so much closer to my ultimate goal weight.

I think that I am going to try to work out just a little bit more each day. It would be great if I could end up losing 2 pounds per week instead of just 1. If I managed to lose 2 pounds each week I would reach my ultimate goal weight by November of this year so by September I would be at a decent weight and super close to my goal.

That is only 3 months from now. I hope that I can make it happen! That would be great. I wish it could happen overnight but even a few weeks or a few months isn’t too bad.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Sore

  1. Get well soon..

    • Thanks it’s just from working out. A good pain in my book. Lol 🙂 But I should feel better soon.

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