Improving Myself

I really want to make some major improvements in my life. I am proud of myself for what I accomplished today but I wish that I could have been even more productive today. I worked today and avoided taking several naps.

I drank enough water and watched what I ate. I ate about 250 calories over what I was suppose to eat. I need to burn some more calories tonight. I think that I am going to just go to the gym at my apartments tonight and try to use the treadmill at least a little bit. Even 30 minutes or so will be a step further then I normally take.

I wish that I could have blogged more today. It would have been nice to have maxed out the number of points that I can earn today on here. But I am still glad that I managed to blog even a little on top of working today. Slow but surly I am making small improvements. It will get better. I wish that I could do much better but I should be proud for the good changes that I have been making.

I hope that I can manage to burn enough calories tonight and it would be great if I could blog a whole lot more tonight before I have to go to sleep. I guess I will try my best and see how it goes. Even if I can manage to get a little more points then I normally earn which is about 300 or so points I will be happy that I have increased my productivity even in such a small amount.

I would also like to clean a little bit too if there is time tonight. It is almost 9 so it is possible that I won’t get a great deal done tonight but anything is better then nothing.

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