What I need to come up with

Next month I have a lot of bills to pay. There is my rent that is about $1108! I have that in the bank plus about $2 extra right now. I also have to pay for my internet as well as my cable that is due any day now. I have about $170 in cash so $100 of that should cover that bill.

The rest of the cash that I have should cover food and living expenses until I get paid plus $24 for my renters insurance. I get paid on the 5th or 6th of next month. I should end up getting maybe $300 or so.

I will also be getting paid around the 24th and about $100 of that will go towards my other bills and the rest toward my rent for the next month. So that leaves me with about $400 for next month to work with. I currently owe about $430 toward my electricity and gas bill. I hope that they will let me pay half next month and the rest the month after.

But if not I need to come up with at least $30 for that bill alone. I would need around $100 or so extra for food and other living expenses. That would mean a total of $130. I am hoping to also splurge and get a microdermabrasion device. That would cost me about $130-$150. So next month if I can end up making at least over $300 then I should be alright.

My sister might have me babysit for a day or two so I could end up hoping for about $100 or so extra from that. Things may end up being a little bit tight. If I can manage to blog a whole lot and even max out my daily points on here each day then I suppose that I should be ok. At least I hope that I will be.


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