Watching What I eat

I have been watching what I eat and trying to burn some more calories for the last four days or so. I have been doing good so far. Yesterday I ate about 150 calories over my set goal but since I was a few hundred from the past couple of days before that it should make up for eating too many calories one day.

Today I am doing good. I have about 160 calories more to go for the day. I might try walking down to the mailbox to get my mail. I might even walk on over to the gym in my apartment complex to see how much I weigh. That should help me burn some more calories.

At the rate that I am going I should be at my goal weight sometime by April of next year. I would be a little bit stricter with what I eat and how many calories that I burn but I am just starting out so I am going easy.

Once I get into the swing of things I might step it up a bit and restrict how many calories that I eat each day. Nothing too extreme or unhealthy and more then likely I will try to work out a bit more so I don’t have to eat less then I currently am or much less anyways.

I wish that I could just shed the extra pounds in a month or two but that really is asking for a lot. I would be happy if I could manage to get to my goal weight sometime this year. But even seeing any results will be better then nothing.

I hope when I go to weigh myself today if I end up doing it I will end up weighing at least a little bit less then I did when I weighed myself the other day.


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