So Many Bills

I have so many bills due now and that are coming up soon. There is my rent that I have in the bank. I have just a couple dollars over what rent is right now. I will probably end up paying that on the due date on the 3rd sometime in the evening.

My internet and cable is due here any day now. I think that it may even be a couple of days late now. Hoping that I can make it till the 5th or 6th when I get paid from work. I should owe about $100 or so right now.

I have about $180. I may use $100 of that for that bill and save the rest for food, gas and other daily expenses until my money comes in from work. I am suppose to pay about $220 toward my late electricity and gas bill sometime around when I get paid on the 6th or 5th.

I might end up having no more then $100 to get me until my next pay period on the 24th. My mom gave me some gift cards so that will help a little bit with food. I just have to make it as far as gas and cigarettes and maybe a little bit for food until then.

I will owe the rest of my electricity and gas by the second pay period of next month. Plus I will also owe about $25 for my renters insurance. I guess that I will have to try to make as much as possible from now and next month.

$300-$400 would really help me out a lot. I might also end up babysitting for my sister so that should also help me out a bit. I need to try to blog even more then I have been each day. I would like to get caught up and have extra if I can.


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