Trying To Burn More Calories

So I had eaten about 80 some more calories then I was suppose to for the day. I have been trying to burn the calories off tonight so that I am at my goal for the day. It is almost ten at night and I am probably going to go to bed within an hour or so. So that means that I don’t have a very long time to do it.

I tried cleaning up my place a bit. I figured that might help burn some more calories. I took some trash to the garbage outside. I live on the second floor and took two trips worth of garbage so that helped burn a little bit of calories.

I also did some laundry, emptied out my dish washer and put the dishes away. I hand washed some dishes that needed it. I also put away some plastic shopping bags, threw out some receipts and other unneeded papers that I had lying around.

According to the fitbit app on my phone I have about 65 or so more calories to burn. Or I have eaten 65 calories too many. I guess I am going to have to try cleaning a bit more. My place is rather messy so I have a lot that I can still do.

I really hope that I can manage to burn the last calories in enough time before I have to go to bed. I guess I have taken more steps today then I did yesterday and walked a little further but I ate about 100 more calories then I did yesterday.

Today I have burned about 300 calories less then I did yesterday so hopefully I can manage to change that before it is bed time. It is so close that if I don’t reach my goal it won’t be the end of the world but I really would like to if I can manage.


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