Getting To 1900 Calories

According to the Fitbit app on my phone I have burned a little under 1600 calories today. Yesterday I burned 1700 and I also ate about 100 calories less. So if I can manage to burn at least 1900 calories tonight I might end up rewarding myself with a late night snack.

I really wanted to have some wheat thin crackers with some cream cheese. I know it isn’t necessarily the healthiest of snacks but it isn’t too bad. It is fairly low calorie. That is what I had as a snack yesterday. The only difference is that I didn’t drink as many high calorie drinks.

Today I had some ice tea and a kiwi strawberry snapple drink as well. Yesterday I had some ice tea as well as mostly water. Tonight I also had an additional small dessert from applebees. It was a brownie bite and a small portion of vanilla ice cream. It isn’t really healthy but it was only 380 calories so it wasn’t too much of splurge either.

Part of me just wants to have the snack for tonight another part of me just wants to resist temptation and not have it. I guess I will see where my calories are within 30 min or so and decide what I should do from that point.

I probably will end up going to bed sometime around 11 or shortly after so I don’t have much time to burn these calories and figure out what I am going to do. I would love to just workout and eat and then head off to bed but I am feeling rather tired right now. So we will see what happens for the night. Not much time left right now anyways. Lol.

Might try to clean a little more and then see what happens with my calorie count after that.


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