Ending The Day

It is getting pretty late over here in Colorado. It is a little after 10 at night on Friday. I work tomorrow at 9:30 am until 3 in the afternoon. So I will probably try to wake up around 8 in the morning or 9 at the latest.

I will probably end up going to bed here in a little bit. Hopefully by 11 or 12 at the latest. I might try to clean up a little bit more and I may even write a few more blog posts before going to bed. I still need to get changed, wash my face, brush my teeth and things like that to get ready for bed.

I am still hoping that I can end up burning the calories that I overate for today. I am happy that I managed to burn more calories then usual and I also watched what I ate today too. I also ended up drinking over 33 oz of water. About half of what I need to drink each day but double what I had yesterday.

I really need to start drinking more water. I have cut out drinking soda all together for the last few days now. I did have some tea today so I stayed some what hydrated. But I need to have more water then I normally do each day.

I really wish that I could have a snack but it is kind of late and I am already over the amount of calories that I am suppose to have for the day so I probably won’t end up having anything.

I guess that I am going to wash off my makeup and get my night clothes on and then I may try writing a little more. I am so close to being able to redeem. I should be able to in around 4 days or so if I can max out the points each day.


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