Current Finances And Goals

Each month I need about $1600 to pay bills and make ends meet. I work at a restaurant close to around 30 hours per week. I make close to a little over $900 each month and my family helps me with the rest of the money that I need.

I am so exhausted from my work and having fibromyalgia that I don’t have time to do much other then my job. I post quite a bit each day on TSU and make normally between 30 cents to 50 cents or so per day on average.

I also have a YouTube channel that I make and post ASMR videos. I make normally a little under 50 cents per day from my fairly new channel. I started that channel up on January 6th 2015. I have almost 700 subscribers on that channel and each video I create normally gets between 100-1000 or more natural views. I also try to promote it as much as possible on different social media sites. I aim for at least 500 shares each day when I can.

I also use Postloop to post in forums I can make around $6 each day from that site. I also blog on a couple of different sites. I gave up on Bubblews they still haven’t paid me in over six months from my last payment. I blog on Blogjob when I have time and I am able to make up to $330 per month from here. I also blog on Personapaper and can post 15 blog posts per day and make close to a couple cents usually for each blog post.

My goal is to work as much as possible on all these online sites, Tsu,YouTube,Blogjob,Personapaper,and Postloop and make as much extra per month as possible. I would like to save up $900 for one year or a total of $10,800 so that I can take time off from my job for close to a year and just work online building up my ways of making money online.



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