Asmr videos

I have been working on my youtube channel. I make and create ASMR videos. They are suppose to be relaxing and they help others feel good.

l have now gotten about 16,000 views total on all of my videos. I now have a little over 60 videos. I am hoping that my channel will continue to grow over time.

I currently have about 311 subscribers. Once I get 500 subscribers then I will be able to customize my url link for my channel and even be able to keep better track of my ranking and success on other channels.

I got that many subscribers in just one months time so I am hoping that I will be able to get to 500 in less then another month.

I really want to be making decent money with my channel while I am helping out other people all at the same time.
I love doing asmr it is such a rewarding experience for me I have to say.

It is great that such simple tasks such as brushing your hair, whispering or other things like that can help out other people in such strong ways. I am so glad that I can make other people relaxed and happy.

I wish my channel was more popular and I guess once that I get better at this in 10,000 hours or less then I should be able to be an expert. I must have now done close to 4 or 5 hours so I am still new to this but I have to say that I am getting better with it and for that I am very glad.

It will take time I am just so impatient. I want to see growth over night or in a week. I dont want it to take weeks or months or even years to get where I want to be in the ASMR world.

2 thoughts on “Asmr videos

  1. Sounds good to me

  2. wow that is a lot of views

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