new typing program

I am trying out this new typing program it is a text program that creates text from speech. I am still trying to get the hang of it. It seems to be working better then the other program that I was using before. I really like this one a whole lot better then the other typing program. It doesnt make as many errors as the one progam that I was using before this did.

It gets just almost every single word correct which ends up saving a great deal of time with having before to go back and correct all the countless errors. I like this one a lot more.

I did have to pay for it but I think that two dollars is well worth it if it works better and ends up saving me time anyways.

My keyboard for my ipad isnt bad it is just so tiny that I have to kind of cramp my arms up together a little bit just so that I can type proparly. So needless to say it is a litle bit uncomfortable but it is better then what I had to deal with before this.

My computer was making it near impossible to type. All the pop ups were just slowing down my computer and I just couldnt stand it. It would take like 30 min or even longer just to write and publish a blog post and that is a bit too long in my book.

Most of my blog posts take maybe 10 min to write and publish so 30 min is about 3 times as long and that is just a tad too much. It would take me all day to write as much as I would like at that rate. And I dont have all day to be able to dedicate to blogging as much as I wish that I did.

4 thoughts on “new typing program

  1. I hope it would be the one you looking for

  2. I sure hope this is the one

  3. hmm..interesting…

  4. What is this ? Let me check .

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