My Day Off

I finally have a day off today. I am so tired and overworked. Even though I don’t go to work I still have a lot planned for today. I made a list of things that I want to do and I hope that I can manage to do most if not all of them.

On the list I put get ready, things like showering, doing my hair and my makeup. I also want to clean for 2 hours today. I have done ten minutes so far. I am breaking up everything that I need to do in sections so it isn’t too overwhelming.

Aside from that I also want to write a total of 21 blog posts today. I also want to share my youtube videos 60 more times for a total of 100 times. I also plan on trying to make at least 11 Youtube videos for my youtube channel.

So I have promoting, cleaning, blogging, making videos and getting ready for the day on my list. I might add to that if I can get through everything. I guess we will see.

I am feeling much better. I still feel a little sick but no where near as bad as I did. I figure that I should be completely over this sickness by tomorrow I am hoping.

So much to do I wish I didn’t get started so late but I worked late so I woke up late so I guess I really have no other choice then to just make the most out of the day even though I don’t have an entire day to do what needs to get done.

I also will try to do some promoting on Tsu as well today.



4 thoughts on “My Day Off

  1. Have a great day off. Sounds like you have a lot of stuff planned for today.

  2. You are like me with a list to do

  3. Hoping you will have a good time .

  4. today is my off day too but I have many thing to do as well

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