I just got an ipad today. I have a keyboard and everything hooked up to it. I am still learning how to you use it. The keyboard isnt easy to get a hang of just yet.

I am hoping this will make my blogging so much easier then it is. I needed to do something. I had so many adwares and pop ups that were annoying as ever. So now using an Ipad is my solution because apple never has that issue as windows does.

I endded up getting and apple ipad mini with a case that has a keyboard on it. the keyboard is rather small but it is still better then my iphones nautural keyboard alone.

I am glad that I finally decided to make this purchase. I have been wanting and ipad for a really long time. I am so happy that I finally have it.

On another note I might not end up doing all the cleaning that I planned on doing or everything else. I am just too tired. I have been productive enough. I cant excpect too much even though I wish I could do everything. I am only one person after all.

I am still working on building my YouTube channel it is growing. Slowly but surely. I am so glad that it is growing I just wish that it would grow at a faster rate then it currently is right now. Maybe in a few months I will have it to where I want it to be. Only time will tell. I am just so impatient and restless about it. I need to make a change and I am hoping that that is one answer for me!

I guess I can just try work hard and let the rest happen the way that it is going to happen.

3 thoughts on “ipad

  1. enjoy your ipad

  2. I’ve heard mixed reviews of the new iPad. What are your initials thoughts on it?

    • I like it so far it isn’t bad. Kind of like a big iphone basically.

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