in strides

I am just going to take everything tonight in strides. Yes I wish that I could just clean my entire place and write a ton of blog posts as well as promote my YouTube videos and make some more and do so much but I shouldnt overwelm myself like that.

I am doing enough and for a day off I acomplished a great deal and I should be proud of that. I have done an amazing job. I cant do everything. I think that my ipad was a nice little reward for everything I have been doing. All that I have been putting up with and all the extra work and stuff I have had to do lately.

I still need to do more but I guess that it will all take time. And lets face it time is really on my side. I should be alright. I am proud and glad for everything that I do and everything that I have done.

I am an amazing woman and I put a lot of hard work and effort out there and I know that it is and it will pay off all in due time.
I am so glad that I can blog on my ipad now and it really isnt too hard to do.

It is a rather small keyboard but I am slowly getting the hang of it and I am sure that eventully it wont be so hard once I get use to it somme more.

I also feel better I am hardly sick anymore and I am happy about that. I saw and old friend that I havent seen in ages. Things are really starting to look up for me and for that I am truly thankful. Life is good and I am so grateful for life and for living.

One thought on “in strides

  1. you had done so much today

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