Getting things done

Well I have my long list of things to do. 2 hours of cleaning, 21 blog posts, 100 shares on my youtube videos. Get ready for the day & make videos for my youtube channel.

Ive almost done 30 min of cleaning and I’ve already taken a shower. I’ve shared my videos 40 times already and this will be my second blog post.

I am getting things done slowly but surely. Hopefully I can manage everything at a decent hour as it’s already a little after 3 pm right now. I’m not doing too bad for having woken up just two hours ago.

I feel a tad bit overwhelmed but once I’m maybe half way through everything it won’t be so bad. So I got to do my makeup after this which should be a breeze to do. It normally takes me 15 to 20 mins to do my makeup.

I might  end up going to target in between all of this to get a bathroom storage cabinet to make cleaning even easier. I ordered a hall tree with a bench that should be coming in about a weeks time.

That will be put to good use for sure! I normally throw my purse and coats on my chair and it gets cluttered up.

I need tons of furniture but I’m slowly I am working on buying it finally at long last. I’m going to go so that I can do my makeup. Many more blog post will be coming up so keep your eyes peeled.

I am busy but I have a plan and I plan on getting everything done today! I have to there is no other choice then that.

So I am going to do my makeup I will write some more here very soon. Catch you all later once I am done with everything.




4 thoughts on “Getting things done

  1. You’re a busy woman! I couldn’t imagine having to do cleaning and blogging and everything else on your list in one evening! How do you have the energy for all that?

  2. You are busier than me .:-)

    • Im in for the night my list starts tomorrow

  3. i am sure you would be able to get all done

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