Growing My Channel

I have been working on growing my YouTube channel. It seems like it takes forever to really get viewers and subscribers and what not. I post a video and maybe get 20-50 views or so in a single day on average.

Some videos get more some get less but I only wish that I could be getting thousands of views instead of just hundreds if that. My channel now has over 9000 views and I guess I have made some where around $2.50 so far.

I have spent about a little over 2 hours on those videos. I now have almost 50 videos total. I am wondering how long that it is going to take to get 500 subscribers or even to get thousands of views on my videos per day.

I guess only time will tell but I just feel so inpatient. I really want it to happen over night or soon. I have had my channel now for almost a month and now only have 155 subscribers and get on average about 200 views per video. Some get less some have over 1000 but that still isn’t that many.

Not for where I want my channel to go anyways. I suppose that over time it will grow. I am sure that I will get better at making videos and one day I will be able to make amazing videos that really attract a lot of attention. If only it would happen sooner.

I really hope that it doesn’t end up taking a year or more to get to the point that I want to get to. But I guess I just have to try everything that I can and just wait. It is just a waiting game I suppose until I figure it all out.

The more I share my videos though the more views I get even though it rolls in slowly. You can watch my latest video below:


4 thoughts on “Growing My Channel

  1. Keep going, it takes a while to build your channel to where you want it to be. Just do not let lose hope in what you have started

    • Keep it up and bless others

    • Thanks I will keep it up and never give up. I now have 202 subscribers and a little over 11,000 views!!

  2. I think that is great, keep going

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