Before Work

So I have to leave here for work in a little bit. Probably once I am done writing this I am going to get dressed, put away my birds if they will come and then get going to work.

I am really not looking forward to work today. Today I work from 10:30 in the morning until 5 at night. I guess that it could be worse. Some people have had shifts from like 8 in the morning until 8 at night but 6 hours is still a long time for me.

I was able to wake up early enough before work and do some laundry, I had some breakfast. Smoked a little, took a shower, got on my makeup and brushed my hair. And I was even able to make a few videos for my YouTube channel.

I now have 151 subscribers on there. I am hoping to make videos for it every single day. I think there is something like almost 2 million ASMR videos on Youtube right now. I want to be found by more people and I think that the way to do that is to get more videos up.

I want to have at least 700 which is more then the highest number someone has of videos on a single channel that I know of. I would like to get at least 20,000 videos over time that way I have at least 1 percent of ASMR videos. Then I think that it will be much easier for more people to discover my channel.

I figure if I can do maybe an average of 20 per day then it would take me no more then 3 years to get a small percentage of videos that are of ASMR related. It would be a stretch but If I could manage to do 50 videos each day then I could have almost one percent of ASMR videos in about 500 days or less then 2 years time.


3 thoughts on “Before Work

  1. Are your birds a little spoiled..enjoy day

  2. Birds as in pet right?

    • @dick yes there my pet budgies. @nana thank you they are spoiled and the seem to just expect it lol.

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