Reaching Limits

So now I have limits on most of the sites that I make money. It would be hard to reach all of the limits unless I of course had several days off from work. Then I would have a lot more time to reach them all but today I just might. I guess we will see.

I currently make money from several different websites. This one, Blogjob is one. Now to reach the daily limit I would have to write about 21 blog posts and earn some points in other ways to reach my daily limit. Once I have reached my daily limit on here I have other sites that I make money from as well.

I make money from Bubblews even though I am a little skeptical whether or not they will pay me since my last payment has been lost and pending for almost 4 months nearly 5 now. Kind of ridiculous. But on there I can still post 10 blog posts.

On personapaper I can do 15 blog posts per day. That is it as far as paid blogging goes. Then I make money on postloop. I have several different forums that I can post on to reach my daily limits. Probably end up with something like 40 or so that I post a comment on to reach that limit.

Then I also post on Tsu. I am allowed 36 posts on there every 24 hours. I try to space them out between 20-30 minutes or longer. I am going to try to reach the limits on every website today if it is possible.

I also have a YouTube channel. I make a little bit of money on there. While there really isn’t a limit of any kind so once I am done earning money from all my online websites then I can really focus on making YouTube videos for my channel.


2 thoughts on “Reaching Limits

  1. Limits all over the internet

  2. I guess it is okay we are still earning

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