Feeling Restless

I feel so restless. I want to make a change and I know that what I am feeling is that I need to change and grow. I want to make a better life for myself and somewhat I don’t completely know what to do.

I wish that I could be making more money. I want to do it with blogging but I know that there are limits on them. I am glad that I can still work hard and make money but it isn’t going to be enough alone.

I want to make my YouTube channel grow. I wish that I could be doing better on it but I can only do what I can do. I have been told by one or two people that my videos keep on getting better.

And that does give me hope. Maybe over time in a few months maybe sooner I will be able to create amazing videos. I want to get tons of subscribers and effect many different people. I will be able to touch many different lives and also I want to make some money. If I could make close to $1000 a month through my YouTube channel I would be close to as much as I need each month to get by.

Then with blogging I should have almost enough to get by. But that is the thing I don’t just want to barely get by. I want to do better then that. I want to save money, invest money and improve my life with more money.

I need to get my life together and in a better spot. I can’t be stuck where I am always forever. I just can’t handle it. I can’t believe it. I need to change, I need to grow and make my life better. If only there was a simple answer to this all.


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