Feeling Overwhelmed

So I was forced to be off my medicine for over a month thanks to medicaid assuming I didn’t need my medicine that allows me to be ok and function at least some what normal.

I became very depressed and when I get depressed I end up not tidying up as I normally do so needless to say my place is a bit messy. I really want to get it clean but I have no idea where to even start.

I figure it will probably take me at least a few hours to get my place nice and clean or at least some what better then it is. I put on some head phones and listened to some music earlier even though I wanted to rest as I was tired.

I ended up spending about close to 15 minutes or so cleaning. I know that isn’t much but at least it is something. I still need to get my hair and makeup done so that I can work on my Youtube channel.

I need to make some videos for that and I would also like to blog a bit today if I can. So I may try to clean here and there in between that. I think after writing this blog I am going to clean for a little bit.

Then I will get my makeup on maybe clean for a little bit more. Blog some more then clean again. Then do my hair. Clean some more. Write another blog and then clean even more followed by more blogging.

Then I might clean even more and then work on making a Youtube video. Hopefully I can manage to get a lot done today. I had a show yesterday so I am slightly worn out today.

At least it was a decent show and I did get paid.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Overwhelmed

  1. I think everyday it gets a little better.

  2. As it builds up you be better my friend

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