Cannon EOS Rebel T5i

I currently have an ASMR YouTube channel. I make relaxing videos that help people out a great deal. In a way the videos that I create are something like sound therapy. I really enjoy making those videos and helping people out.

I started my channel about 3 weeks ago and I already have almost 7000 views on all of my videos and 120 subscribers. So I am not doing too bad. Most videos on average get about 200 views. I have some that have only 80 and others that have over 1000 views.

My goal is to get at least 10,000 views per video over time. I really want to help as many people as possible. Right now I have mainly been filming my videos using my iphone camera so they aren’t the best quality.

I really want to get a Cannon EOS Rebel T5i camera so I can have higher quality videos. I have to save up for that as it cost about almost $500 with tax.

I have about $200 saved toward getting it. I still need to save $200 more. I think what I am going to do is use the money that I make from blogging and invest in the camera. I figure once I get 20,000 points or $200 from blogging hopefully within a month maybe 3 weeks if I can manage then I can just splurge on the rest and get the camera at last.

I feel that having a better camera will appeal to more people and make my videos better to watch. After I invest in the camera that I want my next investment for my ASMR channel is a microphone. A bin-aural microphone that will make the noises sound really good and soothing and help my viewers/listeners out even more.

After that I plan on getting lighting and maybe even a backdrop possibly a green screen too.


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