Figuring Out YouTube Earnings

I currently have a few different Youtube channels. My dance one has made me about a little under $12 so far. I have several videos that are monetized meaning that I can earn money from them as well as many that aren’t because of copyright reasons on the songs that I have on my dance videos.

I have a little over 23 thousand views on my monetized videos. I figured out that at least at the rate of what I am making on my videos it takes about 2000 views give or take a few to make about a dollar on YouTube.

It would take about 3 million views per month to make what I would like to make each month. Now getting views isn’t easy.

Not to discourage anyone because it takes time to build up a channel and it is possible to have great success. Many people have become millionaires there YouTube so it is possible to make it some what profitable at least to some degree.

On my dance channel it is the longest running of all my channels. I have multiple channels now. I have the most videos on there and have dedicated the most time on that channel.

I have spent a little over a combined total of just over an hour making monetized dance videos and for those I have made almost $12. So $11/$12 and hour on average isn’t bad.

I also have a couple other channels as well that I recently started. I plan on creating at least a couple more. In addition to my dance channel I also have a channel dedicated to my pet birds as well as an ASMR channel. I would like to also create a makeup tutorial channel as well as a dance tutorial channel in the near future.

While the main goal isn’t just to make money it is to share something that I enjoy to hopefully benefit others as well. If I can do t hat and also end up making enough to get by plus a little each month to invest then I will be doing great in my book.


3 thoughts on “Figuring Out YouTube Earnings

  1. Congrats keep going

  2. wow! I wish to learn how to earn from YT.

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