My Braces

So I have Lingual braces. They are braces that are on the inside of my mouth. I have had them for well over a year now. I normally go there and there is the main lead doctor who is in charge of everyone and deciding the treatment plan and everything.
Then there are several dental techs that help adjust the braces and what not. I guess my type of braces are very hard to manage so only two of the more advanced techs in the office know how to take care of my braces.
Normally I see this one lady who is the best. She does a great job, rarely ever struggles and causes me minimal discomfort. The wires stay in most the time and over all she just does great work.
Every now and then I get seen by the other lady in the office. She is nice but her work on lingual braces is horrible. She ends up stabbing me several times with tools and the wire. She forces my jaw open so wide that if it went any further it probably would get dislocated and then she demands I open it even wider. I always leave from that alone with a severally sore jaw and usually a headache from that alone.
She drags the tools across my mouth and sometimes too close and cuts me. She normally doesn’t trim the wire all the way and the next day I have to call back to get in again and be in pain for several days while the wire stabs me.
To top it off she is very ruff and tugs at the wire and causes the most extreme pain. She always needs someone else to come and help her unlike my preferred tech that rarely ever needs help.
She makes comments in frustration like you should have just gotten regular braces. I got these because I didn’t want to have noticeable braces. Its not like I noticed that they were over 3000 dollars more and I thought yes I want to pay just because.
I really want to talk to someone there and politely explain that I prefer the one lady over her I just don’t want to insult her or make her upset or cause her to dislike me or even make the office not like me.
I just don’t know what to do. She is causing pain and even the last two times that I have been forced to see her once before Christmas and now today the wire fell out hours after she put them in.
The first time it was horrible just before there office would be closed for a week for the holidays and the wire was shredding up my tongue I had to end up cutting the wire that was hanging out myself because it was hurting me so bad.
Today it came out again and tomorrow I am going to have to schedule another appointment. Lets waist more of my time and the time of the orthodontist all because she can’t do her job.

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