Reaching My Goals

I have a current weekly goal of writing 750 blogs per week. I realize that it is a large number to shoot for but I think that I can do that or at least some where close to that.

It would be a little over 100 blog posts per day but I have so much to say and many things that I want to talk about and things that I want to share so I really don’t think coming up with material to write about is going to be a problem for me.

I do have to work but If I can manage my time better and start early in the morning on blogging on the days that I have to work at night then I might be able to get more done each day.

I will have to condition myself to be able to write that much each day but if I can then I can afford to save and then invest in a business that will help more people and helping people is my ultimate goal.

I still want to dedicate my time and effort to making my blog interesting and very useful for other people but I also want to make it helpful to me all at the same time as well.

I got a late start yesterday so I have a ton of catching up to do. Today I started a little earlier then I did yesterday but still rather late. Hopefully I can reach my goals of writing and blogging this week.

Work really does get in the way and I have to admit that I hate that. I need to do something about that. Quit my job, ask for less hours find a different job or learn to dedicate my entire time to just writing and blogging instead.


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