I seriously feel like I am overworked at my job. I really don’t want to end up getting burnt out and need to do something about it. I wish more then anything that I could still have my job but get maybe 2 weeks to a month off.

Then I would be able to rest and recuperate and get into the swing of writing more and working from home instead. If I had at least two weeks off this would be plenty enough time to have some days off just to relax and rest while being able to get in the habit of working from home more.

If I was able to quit my current job I would have to work at least 5 hours per day on average from home to make the same amount that I make at work now. If I could work between 8 and ten hours on average most days then I would make just about enough to make ends meet.

I am really getting sick of my job and think that they are just giving me too many hours. I guess I will need to talk to my manager about reducing my hours. I wouldn’t mind having to work maybe a day or two a week and then I could focus on my online work and doing other things to make my income.

I am getting no where with my stupid job and will never get in a better position with it. I am very tempted in just putting my two weeks in very soon. I am getting sick of being forced to work late at night or wasting my entire weekend working. I rarely ever get two days off in a row and that is just exhausting to say the least. If something doesn’t change very soon I am just going to have to quit.


3 thoughts on “Overworked

  1. I know the burned-out feeling very well. I don’t even work that much but when I do, I feel like it’s too much. You’re not supposed to cry at work but I’m surprised that I’m the only one that does it publicly. Work is good for building a work ethic, but it is terrible on the sanity. Hopefully things get better for you soon.

  2. all of us do feel that way I guess.

  3. I hate it because it gets in the way of my other financial ventures that might end up making me more. I’m never going to get anywhere positive w/this job 🙁

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