Snowy Winter Day

Today is a cold and snowy winter day out here in Colorado. I wish more then anything that I didn’t have to go in to work today. I have to work tonight from 6 at night until around 11 at night.

I will be helping closing so that means that more then likely I will be stuck washing tons of dishes for several hours. It is so cold I just wish that I could stay at home instead and get more blogging and writing done but it is what it is.

Since the weather is the way that it is today business more then likely will be very slow today. We will probably have enough down time to get most everything done by the time that we close. The store closes at 10.

I figure that I will be all done and ready to go by about 10:30 or so. That is the one plus side to having a cold and snowy winter day like today.  I like how relaxed things can be at work but I also dislike being stuck there for so many hours.

Another down side to working late and when it is snowing like today is that I will get home to my apartments and there probably will be little parking up close so I will have to park further away and wake a ways late at night to get back home.

I dislike having to work so late. I wouldn’t mind working an evening shift if I got off at 9 or even 10 at night but anything later then that is just a bummer. I like getting in the habit of waking up early and having to work late really gets in the way of that.

Maybe hopefully soon I will have the freedom to make my own hours so I don’t have to deal with going to work or driving to work in such harsh winter conditions such as these.

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