My Weekly Goals

I think that having goals is a good thing. It allows you to plan and figure out things and move towards a larger plan. For me I want to get in a spot so that I am able to either quit my job entirely  or so that I don’t have to work more then one to two days per week at it.

Don’t get me wrong I will still have to work but I would much rather work from home then anything else. I like having the freedom from working from home and being able to make my own hours. This could be done through blogging and writing.

If I managed to get in the habit of writing a total of about 750 blog posts per week then I would be able to make ends meet completely on my own all from my at home work. I wouldn’t be making anything extra each month but just enough to cover all my living expenses each month.

If I blogged and wrote more then that I could save or invest the rest of the money that I earned each month. With 750 blog posts each week that would take me a little over 100 blog posts per day. That does sound a tad bit overwhelming but I think it could be possible.

Every hour I am able to write about 10 blog posts so I would spend about an average of 10 and a half hours each day  to my at home work. If I spent any more time each day or each week then I could save that money or invest it in something else.

I plan on starting to have that goal of writing 750 blog posts each day starting today. This is my 5th blog post for the day. I have to get ready for work here pretty soon but I hope the rest of the week I am able to get caught up and at least get close to 750 blog posts for this week or more.

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