My Two Budgies

I now have two budgies also known as parakeets. I have my Pistachio, my little vibrantly colored green and yellow boy that I have had for almost 2 years now. And now I have my new baby, Cashew a gorges little pastel rainbow, baby budgie.

These two get along very well so far. My new baby, Cashew loves her big brother Stash so much. She is stuck like glue to him. Stachio is pretty fond of Cashew too. He loves giving her kisses and nudging and playing with her.

Cashew prefers Pistachio’s cage and spends most of the day in his cage. Cashew loves coping my little Stash. When I am home I let these two out to play and Stash will fly around sometimes to get some exercise in and stretch his wings and little Cashew likes to follow him around and fly around with him at the same time.

My Stash is very close to me and loves to visit me several times throughout the day. He will either hang out on the couch near me or land on my head, hand or shoulder. When Stash lands on the couch to come and see me sometimes Cashew will follow his lead and land by him and they will visit me together.

Cashew isn’t hand tamed yet but she is very calm and shy and I think that she will be easier to hand tame then my little Stash was. These two love to play together and feed each other, give each other kisses and take turns eating together.

They are a set pair for sure. I am so glad that these two are getting along so well and have already seemed to have started forming a bond together. I still need to get Cashew hand tamed and use to me but I am glad that my two babies already seem to love one another.

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