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This is going to be more then likely my final post before having to go get ready to go to work. It is almost 5:20 at night here and I have to get ready and leave for work by about 5:30. My work is pretty close but considering it is snowing I am going to have to get my car ready and drive slowly to get to work.

I also need to get my work uniform on before I go in. I wish that I could just stay at home and finish blogging all night instead of having to go into work for 4-5 hours tonight. Tonight I am scheduled to work from 6 at night until 11 at night. There is a good chance that we will be slow and I will be finished with work by 10:30 or so tonight but I doubt much earlier then that.

I hope that someone helps me with dishes tonight because I hate it when I am forced to wash all the dishes all night by myself. When someone helps out in the earlier evening I am only left to wash dishes for maybe an hour or two that night. When I am forced to do it I spend close to there hours or more washing dishes all by myself.

It gets rather overwhelming to say the least. I really am dreading having to go in and I want to make sure that I can meat my goal of blogging and writing this week so that I don’t have to work at this job quite as much.

If I can get in the swing of it then I will be able to ask for my manager to cut my hours down to just a day or two instead of 3 or 4 each week. That won’t be so bad. It would be a huge relief.

3 thoughts on “Last Post

  1. Enjoy the rest of the day

  2. Enjoy tomorrow

  3. Thank you both I will almost done w/work and time to go home! 🙂

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