Getting Into The Swing Of Things

I really hate working at my job. I don’t mind it I mean it is alright but I really dislike having to work so many hours even though I only work part time. I hate only having between 3 and four days off per week which I know is more then most people have.

While I know I should count my blessings and realize how good I have it I also want things to be better for myself. I hate having my time dictated by a job. I want more freedom then that.

I don’t mind if I only had to work maybe two days per week, maybe 12 hours tops but having to work 16-20 hours or more isn’t something that I like. I would much rather have the freedom to make my own hours even if I have to put a ton of hours in.

I really want to get into the swing of things when it comes to writing and blogging. I want to start dedicating more time to writing so that I can write more for a living and maybe either quit my current job or discus having my hours cut down to just a couple of days per week.

If I wanted to make about $1500 per month through writing and blogging which is about what I need to cover my living expenses then I would have to spend close to 75 hours per week blogging. That is a little over 10 hours per day.

If I spent about 45 hours each week through blogging then I would make about $900 each month. Then I could work part time and blog full time and make a little more then enough to make ends meet.

I have a lot to say and a ton to blog so I think that it will be alright. I just need to start making a habit to get that freedom that I so crave.

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