I like working from home. I like the freedom of being to make my own hours and decide when I work. If I worked from home as my only source of income I would have to work about 10 and a half hours per day to make ends meet.

While that is a lot of time that I would have to dedicate to my work I also like being able to decide when and how fast I have to work. I like being able to go at my own speed and being able to take breaks as often as I want to.

I feel good and free and enjoy being able to work from home. I need to start dedicating my time each and every single day to writing and blogging so that I can make that happen. I would like it if I made enough to make ends meet each month as well as maybe even double.

Over time I could save up enough and have it so that I wasn’t forced to work so much. I could work hard each day and save up enough for 6-12 months of my current living expenses and then I wouldn’t be forced to work so hard.

Working hard would be an option instead of a necessary thing. I think that I would continue to work many hours each week but I would be alright if I got tired and didn’t work several hours each day.

I need that freedom and I am committed to make it happen. I think that once I am able to start working over full time with writing and blogging then I will be in a much better position then I currently am now. I want this to happen and nothing is going to stop me from making it a part of my reality.

5 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. I think is we know all our efforts contribute to our benefit , we have more energy

    • It is very true I agree with you there. I just dislike my current job. It isn’t horrible but I don’t like it all too much. I would rather have the freedom of working from home over anything else.

      • I prefer working from home too. I hate following rules that make no sense (even though I’m usually good at doing it with a smile on my face…but don’t be there when my façade breaks down, because then it’s bad) and I feel like even if I do a good job at work I feel like I don’t contribute anything. I prefer being able to write something and point to it as an accomplishment.

      • I drather work at home but not enough money

  2. I am working from home, and if I did take a job 9 to 5 ish, I would not like it.

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