A Second Bird

I have this beautiful, sweet little budgie named Pistachio. I have had him for almost 2 years now. He is so smart and his green and yellow colors are so vibrant. My little Stash as I like to call him knows how to say some words and is so close with me.

I realized that he gets so lonely when I have to be away at work for several hours. I felt bad that I had to leave my little guy all by himself for so long. So I decided to adopt a second bird.

That way he could have a friend, a playmate someone to keep him company when I am away. The other day I went down to the pet store on my day off and decided to get another budgie. A baby.

I got one that is about a couple of months old. I decided to name my new budgie Cashew. That way I have a nut theme going with my birds names lol and also because every bird  that I have ever named has had ash in its name. I had a budgie when I was growing up named Ashley and my Mom had an African gray that I named Ashes. Then there is my little boy, Pistachio and now we have Cashew.

Cashew is a pastel rainbow color with light blue, light yellow, teal and darker blue colors. Such a pretty baby. I am not sure if Cashew is a boy or girl just yet. It is too soon to tell. I think my little Cashew might be a girl because she/he has a very light white cere but I will know in time.

This is the second day that we have had Cashew. She has instantly bonded with my Pistachio. They are already close friends doing everything together and little Cashew prefers staying in Stash’s cage with him over her own cage.

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