Cross Dominance

I am cross dominance in a couple different areas. For one I am mixed handed, but I am more right hand dominant. Meaning I can use both my left and right hand for certain tasks but favor my right hand.

I think the reason behind this is simple. I don’t believe that I was necessarily born mixed handed. Left handedness tends to run in my family. Which is rather odd considering left handedness is considered rare. I guess my Maternal grandmother was born left handed and for whatever reason this was looked down upon so she was forced to adapt to being right handed.

My half brother I believe was also left handed and my older sister, who is biologically my cousin is also left handed. I believe that my mother is right handed. I think naturally I am right handed but maybe growing up my sister taught me things using her left hand and so I adapted to being mixed handed though right hand dominate. I am definitely proud and glad I exhibit cross dominance because it is nice to be able to use both hands for some tasks and it is almost as rare as left handedness.

Another thing that I am cross dominant with is being both introverted and extroverted at the same time. My Mom without a doubt was introverted and raised us as introverts but I am an ambivert. I can be introverted at times and at other times I don’t mind being slightly extroverted. I enjoy my quit time alone but also feel some what comfortable in groups. I wonder if I was naturally extroverted but forced to adapt to being introverted because of my mother so I became an ambivert or maybe I was naturally an introvert and because of my choice to be in the entertainment field was forced to become slightly extroverted. Either way it is nice to be a little bit of both. To me it is the best of both worlds. I think with my Ambivertness I am at times more introverted and wish I was more extroverted but over all I am glad to say I am both introverted and extroverted at times.

2 thoughts on “Cross Dominance

  1. One who can use both sides, then the left and right brain are equally sized. I can almost use both.

  2. I can use bith but my right hand is used most

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