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Tsu is a social networking site similar to Paypal that pays you for your social media and content. It also gives back revenue made by people that you invite. You need to be invited to join you can sign up for free here:

I have been on there a little longer then 3 days. My first day I made 18 cents. My second day I made .51 cents and the last day I have made .69 or .18 more then the last day. I have over 1000 followers. More then 12,000 views on my page in just a little more then 3 days.

I am working on building up my network because that is the big money maker and I would love to have more of my friends as a part of this and earning some of this money too. Once someone joins you can’t get revenue from them unless they joined through you. So its really about signing up now while people are still learning about Tsu. You can still make money once it has officially gone viral but after that your not going to be able to make much money as you would had you joined and gotten a ton of people to join under you.

Who doesn’t enjoy being on facebook? Now they can get there Facebook addiction in while getting paid. Now tell me you don’t think that concept won’t do well. The more people that join the more ads will be shown and the more gets distributed to everyone. The money will never run out it doesn’t work like that. Its more profits for everyone! So join today if you haven’t already and get involved in this revolution while its still new and growing. You will be sorry if you miss this opportunity.

I look forward to what this site may bring and enjoy watching my bank increase every single day.


5 thoughts on “My Tsu Bank

  1. You have a hell lot of traffic but you also share more than me, I have 850 in total of views, comments and likes.

  2. And by the way you are not shown in my children line, I don’t know why.

  3. You are very active

  4. I saw this the other day and was wondering about it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. I joined yesterday and my bank still says 0 although I’ve been active. Am I doing something wrong?

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