Busy Morning

I am going to have such a busy morning today. I have soo much to do. I need to shower and shave. Get my hair and makeup done before work at 11. I have to clean up my apartment. Do some dishes, take out the trash, vacuum and put things away. I also need to make and eat a healthy breakfast. If there is time I need to clean out my car and even blog as much as possible.

I only have 2 and a half hours to do this all in. I hope that I can manage that. I would like to get to 6000 points on here today. I am getting close. I am about a little over 600 points away from 6000 points. That means I only need to get some points plus create 12 blog posts for today.

I have been focusing on networking Tsu to try to get more people to join. If only everyone realized how much you can make. In just two days I have tripled my money. I went from making .18 cents my first day to making .51 cents the second day. I assume my bank will continue to grow like that. Its hard not to get addicted to Tsu. If you haven’t heard of it before it is like a paying Facebook. You can join here: https://adfoc.us/25042648744444

Later today after work I am having a coworker come over to hang out. So I have to get ready and clean and everything so everything is nice when they come. I also have to do some laundry too. Such an overwhelmingly busy morning but I know that I can do it all and be happy with what I get done.

So I am going to go so I can focus on cleaning and getting ready for my day. Hopefully I will be able to blog again soon before having to leave for work!


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