My Morning

I have to get ready to go to work here in a little bit. This morning after writing this blog post I plan on taking a shower, having something for breakfast, getting my Makeup on and if there is time making one more post before going to leave for work.

Not looking forward to working today. Luckily I only work for 6 hours. I need to focus on blogging and I need to get to about 7000 points or more today. Tomorrow I am going to have a coworker come over after work to hang out so I probably won’t get much blogging done.

I now have about 30 minutes to shower, get dressed, get my makeup on, finish blogging and also make and eat breakfast. Not much time but I woke up a little later then I had originally planned. I got up at about 9 this morning and I wanted to wake up by no later then 7 in the morning.

At least I got enough rest to feel refreshed for my shift at work today. I wish I could just stay home and focus on blogging and building my Tsu empire lol. It would be great if I only had to work a few hours but it is what it is.

So I guess I am going to go. I am starving and I need to take a shower and get ready for work so I feel good when I get there. Hopefully I have time for at least one more blog post before I go. But I strongly doubt that will happen considering I now have only about 30 minutes for everything that I need to do right now this morning. So if I don’t see you all before I go I will talk to everyone during break and of course after work as well.


One thought on “My Morning

  1. See you when you check in

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