How To Make Money With Tsu

tsuearn is a social networking site much like Facebook with one big difference. Instead of the site owners getting all the revenue from what you do you get to keep 90 percent of it. If you aren’t already a part of it is free but you have to be invited to join. You can join here:

You can start making serious cash on by doing what you do on Facebook anyways.

The Key to making money is by getting views on your content. The secret to getting more views is to build up your followers and create great content on trending topics and by using popular keywords.

You can get more followers just simply by following other people. Another way is by liking and commenting on other peoples post. This will also increase your views and likes because often times people will return the favor.

By inviting more people to join through your link you build up your Tsu “Family tree” You get a percentage of the revenue that they get from there content.

How it works is that each update that you create on Tsu there are ads placed on the page. The ad companies pay for views and clicks. So the more views you get on each update the more money you can make.

So basically Here is how you can make more money on Tsu:

  • Build up your followers by following other people and by having an interesting profile.
  • Interact with others by liking and commenting on their posts.
  • Invite more people to join using your invite link.
  • Create great interesting content that are on trending and popular topics.
  • Stay active each day on your profile and in the community.

There you have it that is just exactly how you can make money with Tsu.



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