How Much I’ve Made On Tsu

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I have joined Tsu a new social media similar to facebook that pays its user the revenue that you get from your posts. I have been paid .18 cents so far. Not bad for a little more then 24 hours!

In about a days time and a half I have gotten 780 followers mainly from following over 1000 people. I now have 206 friends on there. My family tree of people I have invited is now at 9. I have been spreading the word about Tsu on here, Twitter, Bubblews and on Facebook. I have even been telling friends and family. But so far only 9 have joined which isn’t bad for less then 2 days time.

My network is now at 20 people and that is from 9 of those people that I invited ended up inviting friends of there own. So I have 20 people total in my Tsu “Family Tree” I hope that more people catch on to how great this is and join as well. You need to be invited to join so you can sign up here:

My current status on Tsu is that I 5925 views on all of my posts. I have 411 likes and 55 comments on my status updates that I posted. It seems that I made most of the money today already.

I think the real money maker is by getting more followers but especially by growing your family tree. The more people that you invite to join it seems the more you get paid. I have averaged out to 2 cents per person that has joined or a little less then 1 cent for each family member or person that is part of my family tree.

While my main goal isn’t to just make money on here it is to share this opportunity with others so we all can be making money. I would also like to see tons of friends and family members on there so that we all can make money interacting with one another like we should be on Facebook.

I can’t wait to see Tsu growing even more and I think it is really going to end up taking over and being bigger then Facebook one day soon!

2 thoughts on “How Much I’ve Made On Tsu

  1. I believe I have found the error why I don’t earn much.
    You have been helpful darling.

  2. J. Santo

    I made a little more than that in a couple of days… let’s see how it develops.

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