Useful Apps

There are so many great apps out there now a days. I have a ton of apps on my phone. Today I am going to share some useful apps and what they do. All of these apps I use on my Iphone but some of them can be also used on Android devices or other smart phones as well. Here are some useful apps.


  1. Facebook Because who doesn’t use Facebook these days. It is a great way to be connected to your Facebook network on the go.
  2. Pandora If you enjoy listening to music then Pandora is a free app that you can listen to stations of your choosing. I love Pandora and can’t seem to get enough of it.
  3. Kindle If you enjoy reading books you don’t need a Kindle device to be able to read books from Amazon. You can download the Kindle app and enjoy great books from there.
  4. Wanelo If you are as addicted to fashion and shopping as much as I am then Wanelo is a great app for you. You can create wish lists and even make purchases on clothes, shoes, Household items etc. I can’t get enough of Wanelo.
  5. Checkpoints You get points redeemable for gift cards just for checking into stores and restaurants that you are already at anyways. I have made a few dollars on there and haven’t even been trying that hard lately. You can download it and enter code: saramarie88 to get even more points for joining.
  6. Receipt Hog gives you points for taking snapshots of your store receipts. You can redeem them through a Paypal payout. Its a great way to earn money back for just taking pictures of your purchases.
  7. Perk TV This is my favorite money making apps. You download it for free and can make money from just having ads run on your phone along with shows. I have made almost $100 in gift cards on there by running a Perk TV farm. You can join and enter code: aec3258b to get extra points!

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