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Tsu is a social networking site that is similar to Facebook. The only difference is that you get paid for your social activities unlike Facebook that keeps all of the income generated from your status updates and social activities. You have to be invited to join and you can start building your empire and making money by clicking here: https://www.tsu.co/Sadiemarie

I have been a member there for a little over 24 hours. In just 24 hours I have done a ton of work and have built up a large number of followers. This is my current status for being a member for just a little over a day.

I now have 657 followers and I am following 1001 people. I currently have 195 friends on there. I have invited 6 people who have joined so that is how big my “Family Tree” is right now. On my posts I have gotten 5227 views and 356 likes. 48 comments have been received on my profile total.

While that sounds like a lot I am shocked because my bank is still not showing that I have earned a single cent. Even one penny would be nice. I hope that it is just lagging on updating and maybe within a few days it will show that I have made something.

I know eventually I will start making money on there I just have no clue when that will be. I will keep everyone updated on my status and how much I make if anything so we all can know if this site really is worth it as it says it is. I have a feeling that it is but I guess that only time will tell with that. I guess that you have to get to $100 to be able to redeem a check very similar to YouTube. Maybe it takes time to calculate your earnings.


2 thoughts on “Tsu Stats


    This is a new site for me. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I have just joined

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