My Gratitude Journal For 10/28/14

Each day I try to create a gratitude journal of things that I am grateful for. I got this idea from “The Secret” It is so helpful and beneficial in so many different ways. It can help relieve depression and make you happier. It can allow you to see all the good that you have in your life so that you can be in the perfect mood to allow even more blessings and abundance to come your way. This is my gratitude journal for 10/28/14


  1. I am very grateful for the fact that I am so close to 10,000 points on here! I will be able to pay my rent and get to 10,000 points by the 31st of this month as I hoped to do. This will help me out immensely because I am now about $200 short of rent and maybe my Mom will let me borrow $100 I hope.
  2. I am blessed to have the ability to come up with great ideas on what to blog about and to write so much in such a short amount of time. Because of that I can share such great content with others all while making some money that I need to make.
  3. I feel thankful for this site. I have meet a lot of great people, been able to share some interesting things with others all while making some extra money.
  4. I am glad that I live in a nice safe apartment close to a police station so I am and do feel nice and safe and have some stability in my life that I need.
  5. I am happy that I am on this Diet because I have been losing a lot of weight, feeling great and even getting healthier and I have needed this in my life.
  6. It feels good to have such a loving and supportive family as I do because they are there for me when I need them to be.

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