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I have now been a member on Blogjob for almost 3 months. I absolutely love this site and have a serious addiction to it. I spend several hours per day on here. It has helped me in so many different ways.

I joined in the beginning of August of 2014. I have made over 700 blog posts on here. I managed to make several great friends and I am really enjoying being here. I have redeemed on here 6 times and made $600. I have gotten 65,000 points on here so far.

I have gotten 23,864 views on my blog which is quite a lot for only being here under 3 months! That averages out to about 10,000 views per month! Which is great considering this is still a fairly new blog and I am still getting the hang of blogging.

I have gotten a ton of views from Hitleap Traffic. I have also gotten almost as much from Stumbleupon. Search engines have given me a great deal of views as well. So SEO is key when running a successful blog. I have gotten a few hundred views from twitter, pinterest and Facebook as well. So sharing is helpful on increasing your views and gaining a bigger audience.

I have monetized my blog through Chitika and also through Qdabra. I have made a combined total of around a little over $1 from those sites. I think I monetized my blog with chitika around the 20th of August and I started with Qdabra about a month after that. So it isn’t bad for a new blog.

I look forward to continuing on this site and helping it grow while being supportive of the other members. I am sure we can grow this community and I can’t wait until it starts taking new members once again. Hopefully that will be very soon!


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