Quotes And Thoughts To Inspire You

Quotes and sayings can share so many great things with you. They can motivate and inspire you and even change your perception of the world. They can change you in so many great and positive ways. I am going to share with you several different quotes and sayings and how I see each of them as well as my advice on what they mean. My hope is that you are able to gain something very powerful from these quotes and sayings while enjoying them a great deal at the same time.



Don’t look at fitness as a form of punishment but instead realize that it does you so much good! Eating healthy isn’t about holding back but about healing and eating good for your own well being. Living a good healthy life isn’t going to be the same path for each of us and realize that it will mean different things for different people but it really is something that you can and should strive for. Be healthy for you and start taking care of yourself now is the time embrace it!



With my last boyfriend leaving me so unexpectedly hurt me so deeply. I still feel in the state of shock and can’t seem to help holding on to hope that things might just work out between us. I would love to have him back in my life and restart our relationship but I know that it would be far better for me in the long run to just let him go and move on but I can’t help but feel that maybe just maybe one day I will have him back in my life.



Don’t work on losing weight and trying to become skinny instead work on becoming fit, strong and toned. For me I am not training to be skinny I am trying to be a badass.


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