My Day Today 9/30/14


Today I am so beyond grateful that I have the day off from work. That just means that I have much more time to be productive here on Blogjob and I am so glad for that! I am trying to make it to have a total of 20,000 points in as little time as I possibly can so that I am able to redeem and pay some bills and have money for the things that I need to do.

My day started around 9 or 10 or so in the morning. I woke up and had my morning cig as I always do. I had a dentist appointment at 11 today. Luckily it is my only set in stone obligation for this day and other then that I am free to do as I want. So I think that I am going to spend as much time as I can blogging. After this blog I need 247 more to reach my goal.

I finished smoking and came inside to get ready for my dentist appointment only to find out that my power had been shut off. I was freaking out thinking oh no not again I need to pay on my electric bill and I was worried that they shut it off. But without a warning that sounded a little weird so I gave them a call to see what was going on all while rushing in the dark to get ready for my appointment. Luckily I found out it was off due to an electric outage and would be fixed soon within an hour or so.

So I left for my dentist appointment. I got a couple of cavities filled and they had to work around my lingual braces but luckily they were able to take care of those. I turn 26 in less then 2 weeks and no longer will have healthy insurance other then free state provided health insurance so I am not sure how well there dental plan is so I am trying to get my health care under control as long as I have it for the short amount of time that I will.

I stopped at Starbucks on my way home from the dentist and got a pumpkin spice frap and then drove home. I am now cozied up at home writing away trying to get my blog on and hopefully get close to meeting my goals for the day!

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