Financial Expenses

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I currently have so much that I need to pay. I have bills that are coming up that I know that I can take care of such as my rent and then others that I need to get caught up on. There is my electric bill that I need to pay pretty soon. I also owe over $1000 and almost $1500 on my braces. I need to start paying them again at least make some sort of payment so that I can start getting my braces taken care of again. I have had them on entirely too long and need to fix the gap that they have created. I would go in but I feel so guilty for still owing them so much. So I want to start getting payments going towards them so I can begin and continue to get treatment on my braces once again.

I also owe on my renters insurance and need to have that taken care of asap. In addition to all of that I would also like to work on my Perk TV Farm so that I can make even more of a passive income each month. So I would need several hundred to be able to get decent enough phones that don’t freeze up on me all the time.

I would also like to be able to afford to go tanning again. Yes I know that I don’t need it and that it is bad for me but I would like to have that as a sort of treat for myself and I just can’t stand it when I am so pale. I also am feeling so crappy after losing my boyfriend and I have been working hard so I think that I deserve some kind of reward and would like to buy some things such as clothes or something online for myself.


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