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Right now I make some what of a passive income and I am working on that. I also make money through blogging as well as working a crummy fast food job that I really don’t like much at all. I have been working at this current fast food job for a little over a month now. I have worked fast food jobs before and had horrible experiences. This one hasn’t been anywhere near as bad as my other fast food jobs that I held in my past but it isn’t really my cup of tea.

I am overworked. I would like it if they had me working there 15-20 hours and no more then that per week. I don’t need to be working 25 or 30 hours or more each week as I make enough through blogging and my passive income to be fine without having to spend time on a cruddy job such as fast food. I would rather dedicate my time on blogging and increasing my residual income more then anything else. So hopefully the start to decrease my hours sooner rather then later because if I can’t work with them to fix that problem I will end up quitting. I only make 10 cents more then minimum wage and it really isn’t worth it.

There are several managers there an over abundance it seems of managers. I would say about 2/3 of the staff are managers. I think that most of them are really shift leaders and then we have a least one general manager that I know of. Its a good sign because it could mean that I could move up and make more but at the same time I don’t care that much about it as I would much rather be doing something else to make ends meet and hope that I can very soon.


5 thoughts on “Fast Food Work

  1. Looks like things are looking up for you as well right,

    • @Dick some what not perfect but getting some what better. Still hating being overworked at my job.

      • soon you would get a promotion and getting higher pay

  2. well there is still hope

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